Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The TRUTH About Weekend WORD Warriors

Ahhh The Weekend Word Warrior, enthralling, MAJESTIC, and caffeinated past the point of healthy levels since Monday. This blog is for you!

Work those day jobs! Drive that minivan in your kids carpool! The weekend is yours and yours alone!

It is no secret, last year I did the three day novel contest and I was hooked.  “WHY couldn’t I write all my novels in three days?”I would ask myself. (And often still do.) The answer of course is easy, Monday waits for no one lovelies. Especially The Weekend Word Warrior.

We may spend all of Sunday night wondering how on Earth we (hypothetically) spent half of Saturday tweeting away our writing time. We may write every day for the rest of the our lives, but we LIVE for the weekend.

I wanted to start a place, where writers could come for support. A place where we could learn to do more in less time, and encourage others to do so. Thus 3W was born! It’s still a baby, and easily moldable into what we need it to be as a big blog, but here is what I am thinking.

We (the people who run the blog) will be here every weekend. Pounding out words on one keyboard, or another, and tweeting until our eyeballs bleed, or we become J.K. Rowling--

You know, whatever’s first.

We will be posting semi motivational thoughts, ideas on helping you succeed, and just hanging out.

There will be contests! Polls! Round ups of helpful links and places.


One weekend a month, we will get together for a challenge.

Did I mention we are recruiting?